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Dual Diagnosis Treatment – Things To Be Aware Of

Dual diagnosis happens when someone is suffering from a substance abuse problem and a mental problem at the same time. It’s also known as COD or co-occurring disorders. Needless to say, drug abuse victims who are also mentally ill have COD. COD is also becoming common these days, especially when it comes to drug abusers. As a matter of fact, about 9 million Americans are suffering from COD. Still, only a minuscule number of patients managed to receive the necessary dual diagnosis treatment.

There’s also a strong relationship between mental illness and drug abuse according to recent statistics. That’s the reason why dual diagnosis treatment is needed in the first place. However, there are challenges when it comes to dual diagnosis treatment. COD patients tend to have issues when it comes to the state of their psychology. Identifying the patient’s pre-existing mental problems can be difficult if they are already suffering from substance abuse.

It’s not recommended to treat a COD patient just for their substance abuse or vice versa. Treating the mental illness alone also means that the patient can suffer from a relapse from the substance abuse. Also, due to the absence of dual diagnosis treatment, a lot of patients in rehab centers are experiencing relapse. Not receiving the dual diagnosis treatment as soon as possible only makes the patients’ condition worse.

The patients need dual diagnosis treatment if they are to recover fully from their condition. You should also keep in mind that there are specific centers that can provide the proper dual diagnosis treatment. You’ll want to search for the right rehab center if you want your loved one to receive the help and treatment that they need for their COD.
Usually, people tend to compare dual diagnosis treatment to the egg and chicken question – which came first?

It’s not that easy to know if the drug abused caused the patient’s mental illness or vice versa. It’s pretty common for people to resort to drug abuse in order to numb their pain from depression or anxiety. However, it’s got the opposite effect – substance abuse can make one’s mental illness even worse.
Drugs and alcohol abuse usually ties up with the patient’s mental problems.

To top that off, alcohol and drugs won’t be able to fix someone’s depression or anxiety.
That also leads to patients getting addicted to drugs and alcohol in the long run.

Having the right treatment for the COD patient can be difficult due to their circumstances.

Making a patient realize that their alcohol and drugs aren’t doing anything to make them better is easier said than done. In order for them to get better, their body and mind must be ready to have the dual diagnosis treatment. With the help of that treatment, a COD patient will have a chance at a better life.

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